Blood Volume and mGFR:

See what physicians have to say about it:
  • I don’t think any of them are great. Not one of them is good enough alone and we sometimes miss.

    - Cardiac Surgeon on current methods being used for determining plasma volume

  • Yes, because for the post-op heart patients all of them get forced diuresis as early as post-op day one. I know one of the problems we run into is renal dysfunction because of that

    - Cardiac surgeon on why a plasma volume measurement would be helpful

  • If organs become dysfunctional or go into failure, it is hard to come back around. This is why I like the 2 hours, the first 2-3 hours when someone is unstable is when you do the most work. After that is all supportive care

    - CC/Intensivist on why the timing FAST BioMedical’s tests is attractive

  • If I knew precisely what my patient’s circulating blood and/or plasma volume was, it would change the way I practice medicine in the ICU, particularly in situations where it is hard to estimate, for example in cardiac surgery and sepsis patients.

    - Anesthesiologist in regards to the impact of FAST BioMedical’s technology