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FAST BioMedical Medical Director Dr. Bruce Molitoris presents at 2015 AKI & CRRT Meeting

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FAST BioMedical Medical Director Dr. Bruce Molitoris recently presented at the 2015 AKI & CRRT Meeting in San Diego, California. Dr. Molitoris focused on three major points during his talk:

•             The clinical importance of quantifying mGFR, as well as challenges in doing so.

•             The necessity of quantifying mGFR in clinical trials in AKI and CKD

•             The improved sensitivity of measuring total GFR as a stimulated GFR that maximizes                        renal function through recruitment of renal reserve. 

The increasing importance of the need for a better method of measuring GFR, as well as the need for increased sensitivity to the GFR has become a major talking point in recent years.  It is believed that these measurements can positively and significantly affect patient care, specifically in AKI and solid organ transplant.

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