FAST BioMedical was recently invited to present, as one of seven innovations, at the Cutting Edge of Transplantation (CEOT) meeting. FAST BioMedical’s technology for quickly assessing kidney function could assist in monitoring the function of a potential donor’s kidney as well as help to illuminate cadaver donor renal recovery prior to transplantation. For post-transplant patients the technology could help provide additional early quantitative indication of graft function loss and could assist in the titration of drugs, such as immunosuppressants. FAST BioMedical President Jim Strickland observed that: “With the number of patients currently seeking an organ transplant far outpacing the availability of donor organs, it is imperative that all possible care is taken to ensure that every transplantation is successful. FAST BioMedical’s unique ability to determine plasma volume and kidney function would provide physicians with a vital tool for evaluating organ health in donors and recipients. Having a quantitative measurement of kidney function, and being able to determine dynamic changes in kidney function, would enable better patient management and may help minimize the risks of delayed graft function or a failed transplant”.

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