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Two key metrics are required to determine optimal therapy for fluid overload:

  • Volume Status (intravascular volume)
  • Kidney Function (mGFR)

No clinical viable options for accurate measurement of intravascular volume exist in current practice.

The frontline treatment for Congestive Heart Failure is fluid removal using diuretic therapies. It is difficult to determine the appropriate dose leading to too much or too little fluid removal.

The challenge – to correctly dose diuretics to manage a patient’s volume status and kidney function when you cannot accurately and readily measure these parameters.

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90% of heart failure admissions are due to intravascular volume overload, yet there is no current way to measure volume.

- Costanzo, MR et al.1

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The economic burden of heart failure is enormous and rising. Hospitalization costs alone are forecast to be $35B by 2030.

- American Heart Association

The High Cost & Impact of Ineffective Heart Failure Treatment

  • icon1>1 Million patients are hospitalized from HF in the US annually
  • icon2ADHF accounts for approximately 60% of total HF expenditures
  • icon390% of HF admissions due to  volume overload, yet there is not a current clinically viable way to measure volume.

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1Costanzo, MR et al. Ultrafiltration Versus Intravenous Diuretics for Patients Hospitalized for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure. JACC 2007;40:675-683