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FAST BioMedical Featured Innovation in AAKP RENALIFE Magazine

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Carmel, IN --- January 31, 2019 --- FAST BioMedical was recently featured in the AAKP RENALIFE magazine as part of their Innovator series. AAKP (America Association of Kidney Patients) was founded in 1969 and currently has over 125,000 members which include patients, family members, living donors and professionals. They are allied with industry partners as well as government agencies. For nearly 50 years, AAKP has been the patient voice – advocating for improved access to high-quality health care through regulatory and legislative reform at the federal level. The Association’s work has improved long term outcomes in both quality of health and the ability for patients and family members affected by kidney disease to lead a more productive and meaningful life.

“AAKP is doing so much to improve renal care.  It is an honor to be a featured innovation in their publication” commented FAST BioMedical CEO Joe Muldoon.

FAST BioMedical continues to develop it’s first in class technology to bring innovation to those with and affected by kidney disease.  

An electronic version of the January 2019 AAKP REANLIFE magazine featuring FAST BioMedical is available at: January 2019 AAKP RENALIFE