FAST BioMedical’s (FBM) Mission is to quantify volume status and kidney function for more effective treatment of Heart Failure and associated diseases

FBM’s Technology has the potential to favorably impact the treatment of a broad population of people across a broad spectrum of diseases, including Heart Failure, Cardiorenal Syndrome, Sepsis and Acute Kidney Injury. These patients present with a variety of symptoms and experience high hospitalization and mortality rates. More effective, timely treatment can impact morbidity and mortality rates and has the potential to reduce overall costs.

  • First In Class Technology - Ability to accurately quantify Volume Status repeatedly
  • Significant Unmet Clinical Need - Major hospital and clinician pain point. $6B Market
  • Compelling Market Adoption Path - Pivotal trial will demonstrate it is a “must have” for more effective treatment

Precision Measurements for Precision Care

Heart Failure today costs Americans about $30 billion dollars per year, with those costs expected to rise to almost $70 billion by 2030. About 80% of those costs are due to hospitalization.

- American Heart Association

Current estimates are that nearly 6.5 million Americans over the age of 20 have heart failure. with 960,000 new heart failure cases annually.  Heart Failure is the number one cause of hospitalizations in our Medicare population.

- Heart Failure Society of America

Heart Failure Market Need

  • 1 million primary hospitalizations occur annually in the US. HF is one of the common causes of hospitalization and readmission
  • 25% of patients hospitalized with HF are readmitted within 30 days
  • Estimated 3 million hospitalizations occur where heart failure is a secondary diagnosis
  • HF hospitalizations are often caused by exacerbations or congestive heart failure, where fluid backs up into the lungs, abdominal or other interstitial fluids
  • Average length of stay: ~5 days
  • In-hospital mortality: 3-6%

FAST Biomedical offers a direct, dynamic, serial measurement of blood volume, which can potentially give a clearer clinical picture to improve fluid management. Improved fluid management has the potential to reduce mortality rate, length of stay and readmissions.

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