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FAST BioMedical’s first-in-class approach to measuring both volume status and kidney function has the potential to revolutionize treatment of heart failure patients. Our innovative technology combines injectable fluorescent markers, a proprietary device with a unique set of algorithms. The system allows you to measure intravascular volume multiple times over a six hour period. Additionally, the technology provides a measured glomerular filtration rate. The technology fits easily into routine clinical workflow and does not require use of radioactive materials or placement of costly and cumbersome sensors.


  • Measures intravascular volume in approximately 30-45 minutes
  • Determines measured GFR (mGFR) in approximately 195-210 minutes
  • Enables immediate clinical intervention and treatment


  • Determines plasma volume safely and effectively
  • Coefficient of variation (R-squared) of >0.99 when FBM’s GFR was compared to iohexol GFR in a human clinical study


  • Simple, routine blood draws for analysis
  • No need for urine samples
  • No radioactive materials

How Our Revolutionary Technology Works

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Having access to a technology that would allow accurate measurement of both blood volume and GFR in heart failure patients could be a tremendous step forward for patient assessment and determining the correct approach to apply therapies.

- Dr. Stefan Anker, Head of Field “Tissue Homeostasis and Cachexia,” Charité University, Berlin, Germany

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